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Cathey sixth grader Addison Bortnick was recently honored at the state Capitol in Austin. Representative R.D. Bobby Guerra introduced H.R. No. 598, a resolution to honor Addison Bortnick on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day 2019. Addison visited the Capitol building and even went to the House floor. The resolution recognized Addison's public speaking and her advocacy for the issue of inclusion.
The text of the resolution follows below.
By: Guerra H.R. No. 598                                         R E S O L U T I O N

WHEREAS, World Down Syndrome Day is taking place on March 21,
2019, and this occasion provides a fitting opportunity to recognize
one of the Down syndrome community's most passionate young
advocates, 12-year-old Texan Addison Bortnick; and
WHEREAS, Born with Down syndrome, Addison began making her
mark on the world even before she learned to speak; her contagious
smile and winning personality led her to grace the covers of
Children's Ministry Magazine and the book Special Needs Ministry
for Children and to appear in many more magazines and newspapers;
WHEREAS, As she grew older, Addison began taking an active
role in spreading awareness and acceptance for Down syndrome and
calling for full inclusion for herself and other students with
disabilities; her persistence and optimism have helped her thrive
academically, and she has enjoyed sharing her talents through such
extracurricular activities as cheerleading and dancing; in all her
endeavors, she is guided by her strong faith and her resolute belief
in her potential and the potential of other children like herself;
WHEREAS, Addison has been engaged in promoting many
charitable events, including the City of Abilene's ArtWalk, the Rio
Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association's Step Up for Down Syndrome
Awareness Walk, and the local Buddy Walk organized by the Upside
Down Club, of which she is a member; she has also spoken at
legislative listening sessions and school board meetings, and she
won first place in a 4-H speaking competition; in 2018, she had the
great honor of receiving the Easterseals Rio Grande Valley Advocacy
Award alongside her mother, Becca Bortnick; and
WHEREAS, Addison Bortnick is a courageous young Texan and a
source of immense pride to her loved ones, and she is to be
commended for her efforts to inspire others to join her in making
the world a better and more welcoming place for all; now, therefore,
be it
RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
Legislature hereby honor Addison Bortnick on the occasion of World
Down Syndrome Day 2019 and extend to her sincere best wishes for
continued success as she continues to pursue her dreams; and, be it
RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
prepared for Addison and her family as an expression of high regard
by the Texas House of Representatives.